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Beauty Tips & Tricks

Hello Glamour Dolls & Gents!! Who doesn't love a good beauty hack?! I am here to share some of my go-to makeup tricks + tips with you.

In the beauty world there's a product for every need, a brush for every amazing is that! Awesome right!? I love a good brush set, but ya girl is trying to get on the influencer level that companies send their promotion box filled with goodies to try out, i.e. FREE. I like to reinvest in my business and below I'm sharing with you how I get creative!

1. Baby wipes

They're not just for babies! Makeup wipes are amazing but can be costly if you wear makeup everyday. I have invested in purchasing Huggies Natural baby wipes. They're effective in removing makeup and leaves your skin feeling refreshed. Another perk is that they're paraben, fragrance, and alcohol-free. Another hack, with your Costco or Sam's membership, you can purchase them in bulk. This is a great tool if your a freelance makeup artist to use on your clients.

2. Pro Discounts

Are you a certified makeup artist?. Have you completed 100 or more hours of beauty education and receive a beauty certification? Then you may be eligible to receive beauty discounts from your favorite beauty products from your favorite makeup brands. Most brands provide up to 40% discount which will usually involve a makeup artist program, cost-effective way to build your kit. I recommend reading the details for the Pro benefits. Good Luck!

3. The Perfect Base for your Eyeshadow - Lipstick

Need a base, but don't have the necessary colors? Use your lipsticks as a base to create the perfect look. And it doesn't stop here. Lipstick can be used as a blush or eyeliner. This is a great way to explore what's in your makeup kit, however, I strongly recommend doing your research on brands that specifically make mention their products are safe to use in the eye area. For example, Jeffree Star Cosmetics "weirdo"

4. Go for GLOW

Don't have a dewy foundation? No Problem. To achieve a radiant and healthy glow mix your favorite foundation or BB cream with a luminous product, i.e. Nars Illuminator, to ensure light-reflecting technology that will give your complexion an incandescent bloom. Great looking skin starts from within, so pair your routine with 8 oz of unrefined celery juice every day (your insides will love you for it!), but in the meantime, this tip should do the trick.

5. Clear Eyes

Before starting your eye makeup, add a few drops of clear eyes to relieve any redness. This will allow your eye makeup to POP even if you're minimally wearing eyeshadow. And if you're going for the clear big eyes appearance, you need .a nude pencil. Forego the traditional dark eyeliner and use a nude pencil to create the illusion of a bigger eye.

6. Color Matching

For those of us that range from vanilla to rich melanin goddesses, sometimes color matching can be a challenge. Especially when trying out a new foundation, they're not all created equal. Depending on the season or individuals tanning or with age; a must-have in your collection is RCMA Makeup VK palette, it retails at $72. This is a staple holy grail item. For all my makeup artists, specifically for those building their kits, this is a MUST have. This palette is designed to be applied directly to the skin and can be removed with any makeup remover or as we just learned, a baby wipe.

Go forth and conquer Glamour beauties! Please share down below your tips and trick dedicated to all things beauty. I love learning from others!


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