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My Riders: Eyeshadow Brushes for Life! Volume I

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

There are many factors that go into creating the perfect eye look that takes you from looking basic to phenomenal. The best makeup brushes will take your look to the next level. While the makeup you use and techniques you’ve mastered have about 85% to do with how your look turns out, the other 15% comes down to the tools you use.

My choice of weapon? Three Morphe eyeshadow brushes that are a must have in your brush collection. The art is in the blending, but having the right brush will help you achieve your desired look in no time. This is my secret on how I achieve my clients eyeshadow looks effortlessly while saving on time:

  • Morphe R34 Deluxe Blender Brush

  • Eye Stunners Brush Collection Crease Fluff Brush

  • Eye Stunners Brush Collection Oval Shadow Brush

My first weapon of choice is the R34; the rose accented slender, tapered blending brush with a slightly pointed tip for precise placement is the perfect brush to place the outer crease eyeshadow. I love how I am able to control the color placement on my clients outer crease and diffuse the color with ease. It’s synthetic bristles are rounded to perfection for blending.

My second choice is the crease fluff brush from the Morphe Eye Stunners Brush Collection. This brush allows me to place the darkest eyeshadow in the inner crease to create depth. I love the step of this process because this brush placement allows me to accentuate my client’s eye shape and allows me to create an eye shape tailored to the look my client requests.

Last but definitely not least, the Eye Stunners Brush Collection Oval Shadow Brush allows me to add a pop of color or shimmer to the eyelid to execute the perfect look. This shadow brush is packed with buffed-out edges to apply vivid or neutral/cool colors with.

Glam baes and beaus listen! Don’t just take my word for it, this awesome trio will leave ‘em awestruck. From cut creases to bomb blends, these babes will take your artistry to head-turning heights, they’re definitely my ride-or-die eye brushes that keeps my clients coming back for more.

Eye Stunners Brush Collection Crease Fluff Brush

Morphe R34

Eye Stunners Brush Collection Oval Shadow Brush

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