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Welcome Glam Bews & Beaus! I'm, Manessa Lazare, owner and founder of Glamour By Ness

Makeup Studio - Born and raised in Miami and a graduate of the University of Central Florida.

My passion for makeup was birthed when I relocated to Orlando, FL to complete my Bachelor's of Science in Health Services Administration at UCF, & later my MBA in HR at Nova Southeastern University. My inspiration came from the guru herself, Jackie Aina. Jackie's tutorials provided an escape into a creative world I knew nothing about. 


Upon getting professionally certified in 2016, I began providing makeup services part-time while maintaining full-time employment as a Human Resources Manager, my second passion.

I provide Human Resources solutions to corporate clients by providing strategic support for large employee populations in the medical and corporate environments through technology, compliance, and people.

l view makeup as an art form, treating each makeup application as unique as my clients themselves. I have an undeniable passion and vision to develop Glamour By Ness into a unique Beauty and HR consulting brand that services clients from all walks of life.